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Free shipping on all orders over EGP 5,000 inside Cairo!
Free shipping on all orders over EGP 5,000 inside Cairo!

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A Life Made From Mud

Here are just a few of the many reasons why we’re head over heels in love with this material...
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Learn about our journey to revive Egyptian handicrafts.
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Halfa (حلفا)

It's not seagrass, it's not bamboo, it's not khoosh, it's HALFA (حلفا)
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Falling Leaves Collection

As autumn demonstrates the change of everything in life. It inspires us to embrace the change, showing us how important it is to let go in order to make a fresh, new start and teaches us to accept the transition to a different stage in life.

All these nature lessons are great food for thought and is enough to give us fresh ideas and new insights.

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I honestly felt every bit of love and attention put into this gift. I am so excited for you to have created such a beautiful product...

Sherin Wafaai

These are the best products I got for my kitchen. Absolutely amazing! The design and colors are so beautiful and the quality is top notch...

Samar Tarek

I really love your new collection, especially the woven baskets; I have been looking for them...

Fareeda Taha

Ellie truly has made me speechless this year. Although I might have not seen its founders all year round, I was rooting for them in every story and every post...

Nora Moushtaha

Blog posts

  • Woman Sitting on a Couch and Writing in a Notebook
    May 11, 2022

    Introducing #MindfulMay

    For this year, we’re doing something different in May and we’re super excited about it. We’re focusing on an idea that means a lot to us at Ellie, and as connoisseurs of beauty and quality, we believe it can mean...

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  • Shot of an Egyptian Female Mesaharaati
    April 24, 2022

    Origin of Egyptian Ramadan Traditions

    Did you know that Fanous Ramadan, the Suhoor caller, and Iftar cannon all originate from Egypt? That’s right. Egypt has contributed more than most people realize to the festivities and traditions of Ramadan across muslim nations in North Africa and...

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  • Setup of an Embroidery Product
    March 8, 2022

    Embroidery; the Next Big Hobby in Cairo

    Have you ever seen an embroidery hoop? If you have, you might have found yourself wondering how a simple thread and needle can create such intricate and beautiful imagery. For most people, it may seem like a complex and difficult...

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