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A Face of Ellie - Meet “The Jack of all Trades”

A Face of Ellie - Meet “The Jack of all Trades”

Remember our Faces of Ellie article?

We created the Faces of Ellie campaign to shed more light on the people behind Ellie, the ones that work behind the scenes and make Ellie what it is now. Today, we’re honoring someone specific. We’d like to reintroduce to you a special team member – Ahmed Hany. Ahmed is Ellie’s digital consultant, which basically means that he is in charge of anything and everything that is digital. Whether it's web development, user experience, e-commerce management, digital marketing, and maybe even a bit of sales.

It’s a little bit unfortunate that we’d have to say goodbye to Ahmed because he is currently traveling abroad to pursue his master’s diploma in sustainable development, however, thankfully he will be continuing his work with us from abroad! (As much as we hate this, we love him and wish nothing but the best for him). We’re very happy and proud of him, and this article is to honor all his hard work at Ellie.

Always looking for more!

When we asked him before what exactly is sustainable development, Ahmed said: “In short, sustainable development is the development that meets the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. I think it is one of Ellie’s core values and missions. We’ve been working so hard on reducing our plastic use and replacing it with sustainable products. Making pottery is one of the ways that we ensure sustainability.”

The Jack of all Trades

Ahmed or as we call him, the jack of all trades has an enviable number of passions and talents and that’s one of the many traits that we love about him! From day one, Ahmed was able to quickly enter Ellie’s family and push the business forward. He shared the same core values that Ellie had and cherished and was able to cope quickly. To this day, Ahmed has high ownership of the brand and is always suggesting new ways, techniques, and systems to push and make the business more sustainable, and our lives easier.

A few of the things that we love most about Ahmed

He is a dedicated hardworking employee that is always looking for innovative solutions to problems. He likes to jump in and offer help to team members, even when it has nothing to do with his department. He always shares his opinion and cares about searching for advanced approaches in every section that he is working in.

When we say that Ahmed is extremely organized, we aren’t exaggerating! Ahmed likes to keep everything organized and clean everywhere. He is always jumping in and organizing everything around our studio. Leave him alone for an hour and you’ll come and find everything back in its place and spotless. He even cleaned the mirrors at our store himself and then proceeded to threaten the team to keep their fingers away!

Ahmed also believes that there is always room for learning. He is always looking for opportunities to broaden his knowledge and learn new things. It’s one of the things that we admire most about him! He strives to expand his knowledge and experience, it’s part of who he is. Ahmed is actually the one who introduced most of the systems that we use now at Ellie. He pushed us to learn and embrace them, and we can’t deny how they made our lives better and our jobs easier. Ahmed is also very sociable. He is hands down the most talkative person on our team. He is always sharing stories and experiences that leave us laughing. His stories and tales helped us get through many long and hard days. No car ride is ever silent and no work day is ever dull when he is around.

“Keep your greasy fingers away from my clean mirrors.”

On this note, we wish him all the best and we’re cheering for you! We have no doubt that he will make us very proud and we couldn’t be happier for him.

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