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Craftsman Engraving a Ceramic Plate

Earth Day, Every day!

Ellie has been on a mission to craft beautiful handcrafted products in a way that is good for you and the environment. And just like the Earth, our wheel spins creating unique pottery pieces inspired by nature.

Pottery pieces are handcrafted from natural, locally sourced clay. Its natural origin makes it the best and safest option, especially for tableware usage. Ceramic tiles are not burnt or melted and, therefore, do not emit toxic gases to the environment or your health.

In addition, our secondary material which is generated naturally by the river banks in Dahshur.

Most of Ellie’s collections have been inspired by the Earth’s seasons and nature.

Moreover, most of our designs are inspired by Earth, seasons, and nature!

The Golden Breeze Collection is inspired by beautiful landscapes, like wide-open grasslands or meadow fields.

The Falling Leaves Collection is inspired by the beauty of Fall with leaves and a beautiful autumnal palette.

The Merlot Collection from the engraved leaves, shapes, and lines to the deep, rich color, is inspired by a specific red-skinned grape variety.

The Meld Collection Woven from the nature of Dahshur, Crafted from the earth of Old Cairo. Inspired by the beauty & tradition of both cities. The Meld has the organic feel of the earth from the clay and the rustic, natural accent from the halfa plant.

In return, we’re trying our best to have a positive impact on the environment by producing work that is not only beautifully designed and produced.

Here’s the progress we’ve made:

Saving water:

By practicing several methods to monitor and decrease our water consumption during production.

Recycle most of the unfired clay:

We collect failed items, trimmings, and turnings and recycle them in order to reuse them again. Approximately 99% of the raw material waste used in our production is recycled and reused again in production.

Recycle excess glaze:

Recycling excess glaze and reusing it in order to decrease the amount of waste. Almost 90% of the excess glaze is gathered, added together, and recycled to be used again.

Natural glazes:

All our glazes are free of toxins like lead in order not to emit any toxic gases to the environment or your health.

Eco-friendlier packaging:

Packaged in recycled, reclaimed alternatives that meet high social and environmental standards.

Firing with energy-saving methods:

We’re always keen on starting the kiln early in order to avoid rush hour, this results in shorter firings, therefore, saves energy.

We’d like to believe that any little changes we do in our daily lives will definitely help a lot in saving our planet. We’ve been trying to develop our work process to be less harmful to Mother Earth and we’re encouraging you now more than ever to shop sustainably made products that are good for you and the Earth.

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