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Shot of Ellie Home Showroom Display at Arkan Plaza

2021, You’ve Been Good to Us

2021 has been a year of many ups and downs, but we are thankful for every curve in our journey, and today, we’re celebrating that. A year of small and big victories, tough moments, smiles, and tears, but most importantly, a year full of growth.

One thing is certain, the support and effort from Ellie’s team, artisans, clients, and supporters have helped us grow and learn this year. We want to thank everyone who has helped us and supported us this year, whether big or small. We’re thankful for you.

Craftsman Spinning a Vase on the Pottery Wheel


A year that was centered around growth and development. But what’s the most important thing to acknowledge when it comes to growth? That growth is never linear nor easy, but it’s a journey that we’re thankful for. Focusing on the small things is what really mattered to us this year because, in the end, these small victories are what mount up to larger and more fruitful ones.

So what did our 2021 look like? Here are our most important milestones...

Business Clients

As you all know, we can customize bulk orders according to the taste and needs of our clients, whether they’re banks, hotels, restaurants, or companies. This year, we customized orders for many businesses, ranging from restaurants such as 900 Degrees, Cult, and Croccante to banks such as Banque Misr to even businesses such as Allianz, Beit Ramla, and Fresh Food Market. We loved designing specific orders and getting creative with them to suit the needs of our clients and partners. We’ll admit, our smiles grow on our faces and we feel proud when we walk into a place and see our customized pieces there, shining bright.

Setup of Handmade Ceramic Bowl on a Table

Workshop Expansion

This year, we got our very own workshop, where all our pieces are carefully curated and made. Our workshop buzzes with our talented Egyptian artisans, who pour their heart and soul into every single piece they make. Each piece begins its journey of life right here at our workshop, in Old Cairo’s hidden gem, The Pottery Village.

Arkan Store

Our biggest milestone yet? Opening the doors of our very first store in Arkan, El Sheikh Zayed. After a lot of hard work and anticipation, we finally opened our first ever physical location and we couldn’t be prouder. We gathered all the aspects that we loved such as plants, wood, freshly baked cookies, etc into one place, our home. We aimed to create a shopping experience like no other by allowing you to step into our home, and get a feel first-hand of it.

Shot of Ellie Home Showroom Display at Arkan Plaza

E Studio Relaunch

Ellie Design Studio was born in 2019 and grew with a couple of great projects under its belt, from designing luxurious villa interiors to simple apartments to crafting an artistic commercial establishment layout that embodies the brand. Then, they decided that a fresh rebranding was necessary to accompany the amount of growth that E Studio has grown and to reflect everything they represent, and have become. The rebranding journey was exciting and invigorating, but it wasn’t easy, yet we were able to represent simplicity, luxury, and space in our new logo. Values that truly represented us and we are happy that we were able to create that fresh look.

Empowering Women and Artisans

Ever since we started back in 2013, we have placed sustainability and ethical practices as our core values. We wanted to be able to create pieces that were crafted with love in an ethical fair-trade environment. We were able to help 50 to 60 artisans in growing their craft and improving their livelihood and economic conditions. We also pride ourselves on how we supported and empowered 80 female breadwinners through their participation in creating our pieces. Am Youssef, Dina, Saleh, Araby, Eid, Aya, and Alaa, we are celebrating you, our talented artisans that bring you a piece of useful art that you fall in love with every time you use or see it.

Shot of Two Craftswomen Sponging Bisque Plates

Here’s to a Great 2022

We’re thankful for the blessings and achievements of this year, big and small, and we’re ready for a new year, full of more opportunities and accomplishments. This year, we plan to work twice as hard to provide you with the best products and services for your home and table. We’re ready, 2022!

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