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Setup of Handmade Ceramic Gifts and their Packaging

Gifting Season is Finally Here, Are You Ready For It?

Our favorite time of the year is officially here! Christmas is one of our favorite holidays, whether it’s because we get to stay in and cozy up by ourselves for some much-needed relaxing, or because we get together with our loved ones for some holiday fun!

Spirits are high, smiles are wide, and everyone is feeling excited and jolly for the holidays! But you know what that means? It’s gifting season! Are you ready for it? This year, we are gifting mindfully and ethically!

Setup of Handmade Ceramic Mugs

What is Mindful Gifting?

Mindful gifting is exploring your reasons behind giving the gift and reconsidering your usual ways of gifting. It allows you to personalize the gift and makes it more meaningful. It shows that you put thought into it and chose it carefully and thoughtfully with love.

Mindful and Ethical Gifts from Ellie Home

By shopping mindfully and ethically, you are able to help create positive change. You can literally help change the world with your wallet. Ellie is a brand that focuses on sustainability, fair trade, and creating unique pieces.

Every piece of pottery is crafted by the hands of talented Egyptian artisans with love and tells a unique story. Our pieces are all made in an ethical and fair trade environment that aims to improve the livelihood and economic conditions of our artisans and support them in growing their craft.

Gift Guides

Stuck for gift ideas this season? Here are some fail-safe mindful gifts from Ellie that will guarantee to get you in the good books and bring joy to everyone on your list! Even when you know someone inside-out, sometimes it’s hard to think of the perfect gift for them. Don’t worry though, we got your back with our carefully curated gift guides that will surely help you find the perfect one for everyone on your list! Find them on our Instagram page or Pinterest board.

1. Galactic Tea Set

Handmade Ceramic Tea Set

Everyone knows that person who loves to have a cup of tea multiple times a day. Their 5’oclock tea is the highlight of their day. Check out our “Tea Lovers” gift guide for more gift ideas.

2. Gather American Coffee Set

Handmade Ceramic Coffee Set

For any coffee lover on your list. They can brew their coffee in this American coffee brewer dripper. With just a little skill, they’ll achieve a cup of joy that tastes beyond amazing. Check out our “For Coffee Addicts” gift guide for more gift ideas.

3. Gather Cake Stand

Handmade Ceramic Cake Stand

Sure all desserts look beautifully delicious, but this statement stand will make them stand out and elevate any dessert table. Check out our “For the Best Hostess” gift guide for more ideas.

4. The Bram

Handmade Ceramic Brams

The greatest gift for the cooking expert in your life. A modern, elegant take on the traditional Egyptian baking dish design. From oven to table, they’ll cook their favorite dish in the oven and serve it right on the table when it’s done! Check out our “For Her” gift guide for more gift ideas.

5. Boon Oil Burner

Handmade Ceramic Oil Burners

Encourage yourself and others to create a self-care routine that includes a scent you love. And these beautifully crafted oil burners are here to help! Simply place a tea light at the base to warm up your favorite fragrance. Check out our “For Self-care Enthusiasts” gift guide for more gift ideas.

6. Marble Espresso Cup

Handmade Ceramic Espresso Cup

For your dad, brother, or espresso-addict friend. Featuring our beloved Marble finish, you can never go wrong with this espresso cup. Check out our “For Him” gift guide for more gift ideas.

7. Falling Leaves Vase

Handmade Ceramic Vase

With our beloved Falling Leaves design and colors, these vases are a fan favorite! They can go with any type of decor and still stand out. Check out our gift guide for more gift ideas for interior designers.

8. You’re the Best Mug

Handmade Ceramic Mugs

Say it with a mug! Show your loved ones you appreciate them with the perfect mug with a cheery message. Check out our gift guide for more gift ideas for your best friends.

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