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Wide Shot of Cairo's Pottery Heaven

Cairo’s Pottery Heaven (a.k.a) The Potters’ Village

Reviving the abandoned craft of pottery making and supporting talented Egyptian artisans has always been Ellie’s main goal. Mindfully and sustainably handcrafted ceramic pieces that are locally created in a village that is so authentic and just exudes talent, art, and positivity. It didn’t take long for this place to become special to us and close to our hearts.

Ellie Home Workshop Team Picture

A Hidden Gem In The Heart Of Old Cairo

The Potters’ Village in Old Cairo, is where it all started 8 years ago when sisters Nahla and Nour decided to embark on this journey and revive this beautiful craft through Ellie Home. Today, it is where our workshop and studio are located and where all the handcrafted pieces are made with love and shared with the world.

That being said, let us share with you our journey in this beautiful village that we now call home…

Our Journey

Back in 2012 our founders first step foot in this mesmerizing place and first laid eye on the spinning wheel, they talked for hours with the artisans and instantly fell in love with the craft and the whole vibes of the village, and the rest is history.

Unfortunately, the only downfall of this beautiful place was the fact that it wasn’t properly maintained. Back then, the village was more of a garbage disposal pit and the number of artisans that had open and operating workshops was very few.

Slowly over time, the village started to come together and more and more artisans started to open their own workshops again. Over time, as more workshops opened their doors and more clients started to frequent the place, the garbage disposal pit started to slowly disappear and turn into the home of different workshops, filled with Egyptian artisans and hand-crafted pottery beauties.

There were a lot of tries and funds from the governorate to renovate and develop the place but sadly, they weren’t successful back then. Nevertheless, we were firm believers that in Egypt, the deeper we dig, the more hidden treasures and gems we’ll find.

When we took the step to open our own workshop and move the studio, it was a given that the location would be The Pottery Village. It has been a special place to us since day one and we are very proud to see a dream come true.

The Center of Handcrafted Pottery

The Potters’ Village is the heart of handcrafted pottery in Egypt, right here in the heart of Old Cairo. In the last few years, we had the honor to be one of the first people to enter this village and be interested in the craft and the place so much that we never left! We literally witnessed all of its development, from just a couple of workshops and mostly garbage to a beautifully built and cleaned-up village, just the perfect space to express and create art.

We can’t quite express how proud and honored we are to witness it turn into this magical place filled with so many workshops including us, working side by side, sharing the authenticity and positivity this place gives off.

Celebrating The Village

Fast forward to today, we are witnessing renovations around the village that aim to make this gem shine again. Recently, the village has been undergoing renovations and the governorate is holding an event to officially celebrate the development of it all.

We are now celebrating the development of the place we call home and how it came to be what it is today, with the tremendous effort exerted by the governorate and people to showcase the beauty of this treasure. We’re honored that we’ve been selected by the governorate to take part in this amazing initiative and to participate with a small role in its event.

We’re excited to witness the crowds of people coming in and out of the village during the event, and we hope every person that comes in today, falls in love with this place as much as we all do.

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