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E Studio: A Rebranding Story

When Mohamed Fadl and Hagar Abdelnasser were set to start their own interior design studio, they wanted to create homes that reflect their owners, while using the best materials and most functional ideas. They’ve quickly become specialized in creating exceptional lifestyle experiences that reflect the client’s preferences with beautiful interiors that exudes modernity and functionality.

Starting in 2019, Ellie Design Studio was born and grew with a couple of great projects under its belt, from designing luxurious villa interiors to simple apartments to crafting an artistic commercial establishment layout that embodies the brand.

The Journey From Ellie Design Studio

Having done and achieved a lot in just a few years, it was decided that refining our business with a fresh rebranding was necessary. Why? Because we needed a rebranding step to accompany the amount of growth E Studio has grown. Something to reflect on everything this design studio represents and has become.

The journey to the rebranding was most certainly exciting and invigorating, but it wasn’t easy. We wanted a well-crafted logo that represents us so well. A logo that exudes simplicity, luxury, and space. This is our rebranding story…

Shot of Hagar Abdelnasser and Mohamed Fadl, Cofounders of E Studio

What Does Space Mean to Us?

Let’s first tell you what “space” means to us. Space in general is the most important component in interior design to get right. After all, interior design is about the design of interior spaces. We work in homes to not only reflect our clients, but each space needs to be functional as much as it is beautiful.

We also wanted to convey the message that we’re capable of designing any given space. Big, small, challenging, minimalistic, extravagant, whatever you want, we’ll make sure we deliver your dream home.

The Birth of E Studio

The new logo is intended to communicate the energy and style we bring and the depth to which we go to help our clients love their new homes. Open spaces, simplicity, and functionality. These are all elements that are personal favorites at Ellie.

So we believe it is time to build on the outward expression of our growth and what really defines us. We focused on making sure the visual story complemented our strategy and elements.

And this is a simple breakdown, explaining our new logo in regards to our 3 favorite elements:

  1. Functionality: The decision to abbreviate the logo to just the E was a no-brainer. We wanted something more minimal, that it was not too long, and also something that sounded catchy.
  2. Simplicity: We decided to opt for a simpler font. Something that reflects our approach and that still looked beautiful.
  3. Spaces: We wanted to reflect on our capability to design any given space, big or small. Therefore, we increased the spaces between the letters and especially between E and Studio.

The Rebrand Rollout

Every detail of every project, no matter how small, has a purpose. This intention is the soul of E Studio. It comes equally from the brain and heart. When clients can understand and feel the purpose we bring to a decision or action, they believe in it. And in turn, they believe in us.

We wanted to speak to our clients first through our branding. That’s why we felt that this was a perfect time to roll out the refreshed branding. For us, it was a natural point of change and a prime opportunity to set the tone for our company going forward.

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