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Setup of Handmade Ceramic Products

Ellie’s 2020 Big Achievements & Small Victories!

We are thankful for 2020! Although it has been an unexpectedly tough year, it has also been a fruitful one. Despite a lot of challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Ellie are still very much thankful and grateful for all the new skills, achievements, and knowledge that we’ve accumulated over the course of this surprising year! Throughout the uncertainty and turbulence of 2020, one thing remained steadfast and true – our eagerness to grow and your huge support. We acknowledge that the success of Ellie is due to the commitment and contribution of our artisans, teams, clients, and supporters. We can’t stress enough how the people behind Ellie have helped in building this brand so much better and stronger. The support and inspiration we received throughout this year from Ellie’s family was tremendous and has helped us grow and learn.

Celebrating with you our successes and victories is crucial to us – because when everything else goes wrong, it’s important to celebrate the tiniest of victories with the people who support and love you the most. We are also sincerely hoping that reading about our silver linings in this weirdest of years inspires you in a way and makes you feel good about your own. So what’s been going on with Ellie in 2020? We have…

Expanded our workshop capacity

Ellie Home Workshop Team

We took a much larger space and collaborated with a lot of talented artisans. Our workshop buzzes with busy people putting their heart and soul into each and every piece. Am Hassan, Wafy, Mahmoud, Hagar, and a few others are all new craftspeople, talented at what they do and committed to ensuring that you bring a piece of useful art into your home. A piece that makes you proud and makes you fall in love with every time you see or use it.

Expanded our team in every department

Despite the uncertainty, we’ve embarked on an extraordinary hiring binge this year! Added amazingly talented and committed team members in our marketing, design, production, customer service, and financial departments. Yasmeen, Lobna, Ahmed, Omar, Youssef, and Makarious are all new members added to the Ellie family. We chose people that get our essence and are committed to using their talents and knowledge to help Ellie grow.

A Great Year!

Setup of Handmade Ceramic Oil Burners

Worked on customized bulk pieces especially designed and handcrafted for reputable businesses. One of them was customizing our “you’re the best” mugs for Tatweer Misr as giveaways to their employees for Father’s Day. Another was designing Qahwa’s cups and mugs with their new identity, which are sold at their waterway branch. We’ve also worked with Four Seasons Hotels, Hassan Allam Holdings, Bank Misr, Two Spoons, Seven Fortunes, and many more.

Included more materials and expanded our scope of work. Working with different locally sourced materials other than clay has been one of our initial dreams when we first started and a goal that we’re always pursuing. We’ve started with T H E M E L D Collection. A collection that combines pieces crafted from clay pottery, hand thrown in old Cairo, and Halfa plant basketry weaved in Dahshur. The merging of two techniques and materials created distinctive pieces that blend with harmony. This was not only one of our biggest milestones but a dream come true and we’re glad that it was a huge success.

Launched our Wellness Line. As tough as this year has been, it has also taught us to take a moment to focus on what really matters, like family, friends, and ourselves. Making ourselves a priority and focusing on self-care is crucial at this time. Therefore, we came up with our latest – THE WELLNESS LINE. A line that includes collections especially crafted with pieces to enhance your daily self-care routine and overall wellbeing. We at Ellie wanted to create pieces that bring comfort and joy into our lives – The wellness line is all about products especially created to naturally boost the health of your body, mind, and spirit. Because now more than ever, we all need to sit back, breathe and have a little much-needed me time.

Launched fan favorite items like You’re the Best Mug, Menta Kitchen Jars Set, the Maroon Lidded Casserole, and the Amber Cheese Board. And because we listen to you, we’ve added oil burners and more scented candles, based on popular demand. They are all items that we’ve put a lot of thought into and thankfully have been very well received.

Participated in many exhibitions, one of the most successful ones was Turathna. We were overwhelmed with the amount of support and love we received throughout the exhibition from you. This has pushed us to work even harder.

Launched our website. Early this year we launched our e-commerce website to make life easier while shopping for your favorite home decor and tabletop pieces, in a time when real shopping was impossible and virtual shopping was the one thing everyone needed. And ever since then, we’ve been working on revamping it for a better and faster shopping experience from Ellie.

Thank you to everyone who has been there for us and has helped us grow. Our promise to you for the next year is to always work harder and smarter to provide you with the best services and products for your home and table. We’re ready, 2021!

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