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Jar of Honey

Pursuit of Well-being

2020 has been tough. The good news? It’s not all gloom. The coronavirus pandemic has truly brought tragedy on a large scale but has also served as a huge corrective. It has reminded us what our true values are, what really matters and what our priorities should be.

Why now?!

This year more than any other, we all need to sit back, breathe and make time for a little self-care routine. We also need to recognize how important it is to be connected to others. One of the things that science showed us is that as far as our well-being is concerned the best thing we can do is reach out to others. Our generosity or kindness, our gratitude to others, has the biggest boost on our own wellbeing, as well.

The Wellness Line

Setup of Candles and Wellness Products

We at Ellie Home chose to dedicate a whole line to wellness because in challenging times like these and as we are feeling more intense emotions, it is important to make a real effort in self-care. We believe that if you make yourself a priority and focus on your own wellbeing, you will improve how you operate daily. And therefore, be a better individual to your community.

Whether you’re new in your quest to total wellbeing, or you’ve been on this track for a while, we welcome you here with open arms and a pat on the back. And always remember – “your life only gets better, when you do!”

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