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Setup of three Handmade Ceramic Oil Burners

Christmas Gift Guide: 15 Ideas Guaranteed to Bring Joy to All!

Your 2020 Christmas Gift Guide

Stuck for gift ideas this season? We understand, that this year has been challenging. Check out these fail-safe gifts from Ellie that will guarantee to get you in the good books. Even when you think you know a person inside-out, sometimes it’s hard to think of the perfect gift that will light up their face with joy. So, here are Ellie’s top 15 ideas for innovative (and easy) gifting that will surely impress anyone, without breaking the bank — and what’s more, you’ll barely have to wrap them. Ellie’s eco-friendly packaging is unique and beautifully designed (it will just need a card)!

The Boon Oil Burners

Encourage yourself and others to create a self-care routine that includes a scent you love. And these beautifully crafted oil burners are here to help! Simply place a tea light at the base to warm up your favorite fragrance.

Setup of three Handmade Ceramic Oil Burners
Setup of a Handmade Ceramic Espresso Cup

Marble Espresso Cups

For your dad, brother, or espresso addict friend. Featuring our beloved Marble finish, you can never go wrong with this espresso cup.

You’re the Best Mugs

Say it with a mug! Makes a great gift for friends, colleagues, teachers, and right about anyone you know.

Setup of a Handmade Ceramic Mug
Setup of a Handmade Juice Tumbler

Marble Tumblers

From the office to the beach, these easy-to-grip tumblers are equally perfect for both hot and cold beverages.

Falling Leaves Soup Bowls

To your friend or sibling who loves devouring ice cream and sipping on soups, these bowls are a perfect design and size and make a perfect gift for the season.

Setup of a Handmade Ceramic Soup Bowl
Setup of a Handmade Ceramic Cheese or Cutting Board

Amber Cheese Board

A great gift for a hostess! This gleaming cheese board gives a unique twist to appetizers. It is also a great cutting board for taking on kitchen tasks with class.

The Boon Scented Candles

Who doesn’t love a spa? “The Boon” assortment of scented candles with their bold colors and unique design, paired with the intoxicating aromas bring the loveliest feels into any home and makes a great gift for any self-care lover.

Setup of three Handmade Ceramic Scented Candles
Setup of three Handmade Ceramic Jars

Menta Kitchen Jars

Who won’t love these? Jars that are larger in size for more storage space, sturdy lids that close perfectly to hold in freshness, and an elegant design to display in the kitchen.

Maroon Lidded Casserole

Every cook will absolutely appreciate this piece! These durable dishes are designed for a multitude of kitchen tasks and are beautifully designed, making it easy to transition from oven to table.

Setup of a Handmade Ceramic Casserole
Setup of a Handmade Ceramic Serving Platter

Golden Breeze Serving Platter

Your mom loves serving friends her homemade appetizers, desserts, crudités, cheese and crackers, and all manner of small bites in high style? We assure you... our Golden Breeze platter will NOT disappoint!

Galactic Tea Sets

Who do you know that appreciates their 5 o’clock tea? This tea set is suitable for breakfast, brunches, and every occasion in between.

Setup of a Handmade Ceramic Tea Set
Setup of a Handmade Ceramic Lighting Gourd

Galactic Seethru Gourd

The versatility of these pieces makes it a unique, out-of-the-box gift idea for anyone on your list. Ellie’s Gourd can be used as a vase to display a beautiful faux flower arrangement or you can place a candle inside or they can be turned into a lamp!

The Bram Sets

The greatest gift for the cooking expert in your life. A modern, elegant take on the traditional Egyptian baking dish design. From oven to table, they’ll cook their favorite dish in the oven and serve it right on the table when it’s done!

Setup of two Handmade Ceramic Brams
Setup of a Handmade Ceramic Lamp

Falling Leaves Lamps

With our beloved Falling Leaves design and colors, these lamps are a fan favorite! They can go with any type of decor and still stand out.

Galactic Dinner Sets

Did your friends just get married?! A full dinner set might be exactly what they need! With a truly authentic handmade feel, signature Ellie Home finish, and timelessly elegant design this dinner set is beautifully flexible to be used within various palettes.

Setup of a Handmade Ceramic Dinner Set
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